About Me

Hi! I’m Angelo T Mattei. Thanks for stopping by.

I still don’t know what I want to be when I grow up…. I’m 51.

I recently discovered a way to eliminate a limiting belief in myself, that once it was gone, my world started to make sense. I was interested in many things growing up. I wanted to be good at everything I tried. I did. I got good at just about everything I touched. Then I lost interest just as quickly as I got it. I came a across a word, a description if you will, that started to explain what I was about.  A Multipotentialite. A Multipod, a scanner, a jack of all trades, a renaissance man. I fix things; cars, houses, computers, people, systems, I see them, feel them, get them. Now, there are many people better than me out there. I wasn’t trying to be “the best”. I just wanted to be good or great. Then I was done.

I’ve been working with NLP, NS, Hypnosis, and the neuro-sciences for half of my life. What motivates people to do what they do. How can we change behavior from the inside out. Willpower vs. paradigm shifts. This is my wheel-house.

I currently teach martial arts to kids and adults, fitness kickboxing, and self defense. However, I realized that what makes me different is that I use karate as a medium to get to peak performance, or as a way to access the part of people that shine. Out Shine! Shine more! Blindingly Brilliant! That seems to be my path.  Self Mastery. Many paths lead to the top of the mountain. Pick one and get going.

Angelo T Mattei