That’s a great question. Something I’m still working on. Who are you? Do you know? How would your life be different if you knew? What would you do differently? How would you see yourself? Would you judge yourself, criticize yourself, complain, shame yourself, or brow beat yourself? Part of my work is getting to who you really are, who you are at your very core, not the personality or avatar you have presented to the world.

When I think about what I do, and what I am passionate about, it all comes down to this: I am a growth facilitator, a problem solver, a motivational and inspirational coach. I am not a healer in the sense that I “heal” others. What I do is create the space and offer tools for people to heal themselves. No one can heal that doesn’t want to. No person can “heal” someone else that refuses to cease doing, thinking, or being that which created the problem to begin with. You are the master of your life. You are the producer, director, writer, main character, story board artist, and stage designer of this play called “Your Life”. You are the boss! I know this may be a difficult perspective to digest. However, the simple act of entertaining it will afford you the ability to get a hold of your life and move forward. Small steps, big gains.

A Utilitarian

I am interested in many things and have I have been this way as far as I can remember. I wanted to be good at everything that interested me. I was curious about many things and I have ventured into many areas. Once I became interested in something,  I became proficient at it. I would also lose interest just as quickly as I got it. I recently came across a word, a description if you will, that began to illustrate what this was about.  The word is “Multipotentialite”, coined by Emily Wapnick. A Multipod, a scanner, a Jack-of-All-Trades, and a renaissance man, are some of the words that describe what I am. I fix things; cars, houses, computers, people, and systems; I see them, feel them, get them. I recognize patterns, how things are put together, and how they (are supposed to) work.  I’m not trying to be better than anyone else, just trying to be better than who I was yesterday. I have been on a path to self-mastery for over 30 years and I’ve learned a thing or two. Now I want to be of service.

“A jack of all trades, a master of none, but often times better than a master of one.” ~14th Century English

The Deep Change – Path to Self Awareness

“The world is what you think it is.”

I recently discovered limiting beliefs that I set in place when I was very young. As I started to work on these beliefs, my world started to make more sense. I’ve been working with NLP, NS, Hypnosis, and the neurosciences for over half of my life. I wanted to know what motivated people to do what they do. I knew that if I wanted to change my world I needed to start with myself. How can we change our behavior from the inside out? Willpower vs. deeply held beliefs about the world; is that enough? This curiosity opened a whole new way of looking at the world.

“There are no limits.” – “There is no spoon.” ~Neo, The Matrix

I am a Tony Robbins/ Cloe Madanes trained Strategic Interventionist Life Coach. I also teach martial arts, am a certified NLP Master Practitioner, a hypnotherapist, and a fixer of things. What makes me different is that I use what I have developed, the ability to quickly identify systems and what isn’t working, to come up with alternatives that helps bring out the best in people.  I like to help bring out the shiny bits in people. Out Shine! Shine more! Blindingly Brilliant! You see, I found a way to speak to the beauty in everyone. I look for the beauty in everything, and guess what….the beauty looks back.

“Energy flows where attention goes.”

During my lifelong quest for self-mastery, I have delved into many holistic and energetic healing modalities and they have irrevocably changed my life. My curiosity got me in deep; deep enough to figure out ways to change the direction of my life. I have helped many people access additional perspectives on how they manage their lives: friends, family, work, and clients. I am solution focused and a utilitarian, using whatever presents itself as a tool.

“All power comes from within.”

I am also a certified Advanced Ho’oponopono practitioner. If you know anything about ho’oponopono, you know it’s a powerful tool that helps clear a path to inspiration and helps one access their highest potential. I am also very well versed in the Law of Attraction, have been a certified clinical hypnotherapist, was a teacher of Theta Healing, am a Reiki Master, Master Level Martial Arts Instructor, personal trainer, master practitioner of NLP, and a medical intuitive.

“To love is to be happy with.”

If you resist, it will persist. We’ve all heard this before. It ties in with “Change your thoughts, change your life”. However, I’ve found that it’s not enough to simply over-ride thoughts you keep thinking and thoughts you’ve practiced (your beliefs); there needs to be a great deal of acceptance too. The only place to do this is in your heart.

“Effectiveness is the measure of truth.”

There are many paths to the top of the mountain. Pick one and get going. Trust your emotional guidance system. Sounds simple, but often times a strategy is needed. This is where I come in. Being a Robbins Madanes trained Strategic Intervention Life Coach, I am extremely effective at creating strategies that move you along your path to fulfillment. There is only one way to see if something fits….and that is to “Try It On”.

“Now is the moment of power.”

Make Your Own Path

My coaching strategy is simple:

  • Start within.
  • Create a vision of the life you want.
  • Clear your path.
  • Get a move on.
  • Read the signs.
  • Action & Follow through, again and again.

This isn’t a cookie cutter program. The steps on your journey are chosen by you. I can only point to the possibilities. My job is to clear the way enough for you to see the possibilities yourself. You must step. You must move. You must choose to do so.

Go Ahead – Try It On

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Angelo T Mattei