What is NLP? I cannot do a better job at describing NLP other than to send you to it’s (co) creator. Here is a link.

What is Strategic Intervention? SI is a form of solution focused problem solving that focuses more on “how” someone thinks over “what” they think. We are creatures of habit; whether it be how we think, how we process emotions, what emotions we experience, how we handle stress and adversity, or even our patterns of fueling and recovery. More often than not, when a habitual pattern of thinking creates roadblocks in our attempts to improve out lives, it does so by evading our conscious awareness. Each path is as unique as each individual.

What is Theta Healing? Theta Healing was created by Vianna Stibal. As someone who has delved into the metaphysical universe of healing and growth, I find this modality to be one of the most comprehensive, intuitive healing modalities around. One magnificent processes is called digging. Once we discover a hidden, limiting belief, we dig until we reach the bottom belief. Pull, change, adjust, destroy, or substitute that bottom belief and the whole structure collapses like a house of cards. Very powerful healing on deep level.

When is Hypnosis Useful? Hypnosis can be a very powerful method of eliciting change on a subconscious level. One does not need to go into trance to get the benefits on hypnosis. We hypnotize ourselves multiple times a day. I use language that speaks directly to the unconscious mind when necessary. Much of what I have learned about the use of language for change is from my study of the work of Milton Erickson. In a typical hypnosis session I frequently use the Krasner Method of hypnosis.