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    Ho’oponopono is an ancient system of forgiveness and cleaning. I work with problems that show up either via your correspondence or in session. This is a highly spiritual process that I do. All you need to do is share your problem with me. I do my work so that it clears up for all of us.

    I will correspond back with …

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    Hypnosis is a very effective way to set the patterns and prepare a platform from which to shift your attitude and awareness towards any issue you might be experiencing.

    When the issue is simple, and large enough that it impedes your progress, hypnotherapy can be just the right tool for the job.

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    Two Sessions – Too Deep

    Get to the bottom of it! You know what to do, why aren’t you doing it? Because you’re stuck?  Because you’re afraid? Because you just don’t know what to do?

    Get in, get out, get moving.

    Do it Now!