“Change your thoughts, change your life”. We’ve heard this for years. When did you first hear it? I remember when I heard it and from whom. I started experimenting with it. I started with small specific ideas and affirmations and then tried larger more general concepts. It Didn’t Work! I was frustrated. I challenged the whole idea. Right away I thought I was “doing it wrong”. What I didn’t realize was that I was focused on one area of my life and wasn’t paying attention to others. A lot was happening beyond my awareness. But still, at that moment, It Didn’t Work!

Let’s face it, people change when they need to. People need to get to point where the change is a “must”; rock bottom, a precipice of disaster, or a point of no return. Then they sabotage their efforts by setting unattainable goals, have unrealistic expectations, or give half-hearted commitment to their desires from a “poor me” perspective or victim paradigm.

If you practice a thought enough it becomes a belief. Beliefs are simply thoughts your practiced, or thoughts you’ve bought. I’ll bet most of your beliefs aren’t even your own. How many of your beliefs about life came from someone else? Think about it. I’ll bet most of them. The truth is you can change them. You know you can. Most simply don’t know “how” to change them.

What if their was a way to change your thoughts without having to know “how” to change your thoughts? What if their was a way to automatically let your thoughts change simply by shifting your position, or perspective, or your point of view? What if simply adopting a new point of view would seamlessly and effortlessly change your life? I’m not talking about a magic pill, or a “do it for me” healing session, I’m talking about principles that will shape your reality and put you in the driver’s seat. What would your life be like if you were at the helm, captain of your ship, or the designer of your reality?

These next series of principles will inevitably change your reality (your life). Subscribe to the post and follow the next 7 (8) posts. I guarantee you will start to see things shift in a very short time (if you allow them to). These will be timed at one per week in order to give you time to digest the idea and assimilate it into your modes-operndai. How you do anything is how you do everything. Let’s start to change that. Right Here. Right Now. Make the commitment to yourself and your life. Try It On.