The World Is What You Think It Is

This phrase can be interpreted in many different ways. One could look at the world and see it as reality. Or one can look at it as a reflection of one’s self. Most reactions are, “Of course it is”, or “what else would it be?”. While these perspectives may be accurate and obvious statements, the spirit of this principle suggests much more and requires far more insight. Let’s investigate.

If your perspective is that you happen to be in this world as if you were tourist, then you might also feel as though what ever happens in your life happens “to you”. Alternatively, if you see the world as your creation thing that happen happen “for you” or because of you. Which position do you think would serve you best? Which position would be empowering? From which position would you rather view the world?

Most people simply exist. Most people trudge though life believing that if they work hard they will achieve abundance, or if they pay their dues they will reap the rewards. Some believe they need to work like a horse, others believe they need to work smart, and some believe they don’t need to work at all. They are all correct. They all create their worlds though their rules, beliefs, fears, drives, expectations, and hopes an dreams. They all SHAPE their lives within the framework they have created (or taught, or bought) in their minds. It;s like wearing tinted glasses. If your glasses block out blue light, you don’t know it exists. If you where yellow glasses, you wouldn’t see I yellow. If you were born color blind (lack the receptors that distinguish red and green) those colors wouldn’t exist (at least not the way they do for those who have the receptors). Those colors appear as different shades of gray. Slight differences that a color blind individual would eventually be able to distinguish.

Much like our metaphoric glasses, our beliefs offer similar impairment. I use the word impairment simply because we don’t necessarily need to change that which works, or that which does not create a problem. We usually only focus on what isn’t working, or what impairs us. Fear, trauma, rules for living, religion, judgements, prejudices, opinions, differences, thoughts that differ, all shape our experience with the world. The argument of which came first, the world or our thoughts, is irrelevant at this point in the adventure, since we haven’t started quite yet. We are still in the planning stages. I am also preparing you for some exercises that will inevitably explain more that I could even attempt. This is an individual journey that only you can experience. It will be unique only to you an no one else. Some may have similar experiences but only you can have yours.

For the next weeks or so, simply ponder the idea that you create your reality. Do your best not to judge, but if you do, simply note that you are judging and try not to judge the judging. This part is not as easy as it may seem. To walk through life simply making observations without judgement is arduous and the exact opposite of what you may be used to. Do your best. Just like any other skill, it gets easier the more you practice it.

Meditations and Exercises:

Once you have spent some time in observation mode, it’s time to play. Here are some ways to play with your reality, specifically objects in your environment.

~This is an excerpt from Serge Kahili Kings’ work, Huna Waene – Extended Huna Meditations

1. IKE A. Ike Papakahi – be aware of objects in the environment. B. Ike Papalua – speak to objects in the environment. C. Ike Papakolu – experience the environment as your dream. D. Ike Papaha – experience the environment as yourself.

You have already practiced A: An increase in awareness beyond yourself that includes your environment. You have been expanding your consciousness to include more than what comprises your immediate environment. Keep expanding. Practice holding your awareness on the building you’re in, the neighborhood you are in, even the city you live in. Now, it is not prudent to walk around with all of this in your immediate awareness, but simply exercise your conscious muscles every now and then so that when you want to expand, you can do so easily and effectively.

Be Aware of Objects in Your Environment. Exercise:

Make the conscious decision to notice something new everyday for one week. If you notice more that one thing per day don’t worry, keep going. Expand your consciousness beyond your normal range of awareness. Use your peripheral vision more. When you are seated start including more of your peripheral vision in your field of view. Make this a practice. Notice more.

B: Speak to objects in your environment. As silly as this may sound, you will inevitably gain more that what you think here. Go ahead and speak to something in your environment. Then wait for a response. If you do not receive a response, go ahead and imagine it. Yes, I said that, make something up. Use your imagination to create a link between you and that object. This practice opens up the possibility in your framework to allow the potential to exist. Simple create the space for it. At some point you may become surprised. I cannot say anything more as to not influence your experience. Just try it on and have fun with it.

C: Experience the environment as your dream. What if your waking state was in fact a dream and your dream state the reality? Imagine your environment as metaphoric. What would it all mean? What does your house mean? What does it mean when you are in your house but it isn’t your house? Or when teeth get loose, or what being on a train means. Play with these ideas. Don’t forget to have fun with these. No fun in no fun.

To your dreaming self your waking state is but a dream. Just as dreams are often interpreted to have meanings, so could your “reality”. Play with the idea that it is all a dream and try to come up with different meanings than what may appear obvious. Imagine that when you fall asleep you actually wake up. What would that be like for you?

D: Experience the environment as yourself. Taking C: further is D: expand the idea of metaphor to more closely reflect yourself. How organized are your closets, your attic or basement, how clean is your bedroom, or office? What if these actually reflect aspects of who you are? Hmmm. Now we are having fun! Where do you store stuff? What to you save?

Experience Your Environment as Yourself

Take the last exercise further. What does it mean to have a cluttered basement but meticulous living space? Or an attic full of antiques and living room with only a chair and a tv? How do you organize your time, your space, your family life vs work life? I am a firm believer that how you do anything is how you do everything. I believe that your internal structure creates your external structure. This one should get your engine revving.

I believe that how you do anything is how you do everything. Take a look at how you function in the world and this will lead to insight on your inner self.

A word of caution: Once you take steps toward personal accountability you will inevitably find yourself on a path to self mastery.

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