Why do we spend more time trying eliminate negative emotions rather than choosing to feel more positive ones? Why is it such a bad thing to feel bad? What are we feeling anyway? What are bad feelings; fear, regret, doubt, hatred, sadness? What are they really?

What if emotions were inherently neutral and simply subject to our judgement? What if emotions are just energy that is either flowing freely or bumping into obstacles? What if we are describing this flow against an obstacle as stuck-ness, or sadness, or fear, or hatred?

When we experience anything other than free flow (which I call bliss), we label it according to what we learned through observation, from others (parents and guardians), and our comparisons to others’ “feelings”. These can be viewed as blocks in our systems and at different places. Fear is usually in the gut (butterflies). Anger is usually in the upper chest neck and head (heat and redness). Guilt is usually near the solar plexus (nausea). Each block has an effect on our neurology. They are neurological patterns throughout our bodies and minds that we then label as fear, hate, love, guilt, etc. Anything in our experience that touches any of these unique pathways fires off that emotion. These are what we often refer to as triggers. They could be so far removed from the original data set that they would seem “out of the blue”. Imagine having a frightful experience or a new experience that impacts your entire system. Imagine it imprinting in your body-mind as a bolt of lightning and follow it from the source of the experience to the ends of the energetic pulse. This is the neurological imprint of that experience. ALL experiences, are imprinted in this way (at least this is what I have been shown, #everythingisenergy).

When we learn new things, we physically re-wire our system (our neurology) with new neurological pathways. Repetition reinforces these pathways. The more repetition the stronger the energetic charge the stronger the pathway. Emotions or, more accurately, our response (behavior) to emotions, are established in much the same way. Our thoughts and beliefs are also imprinted in this way. The more we think the same thought the more likely it will become a belief. Beliefs are simply thoughts we keep thinking. Our beliefs have been practiced and are imprinted in our system the very same way and a new skill is imprinted. Beliefs shape our emotional responses. If it feels this way it must be true. It’s practiced behavior and practiced automatic thoughts. AKA our beliefs.

Do You Know What This Means?

This illustrates strongly, the possibility, that we can change our thoughts, our beliefs and hence our emotional responses. One way to look at our beliefs and belief structure is to view them as programs, similar to an “if-then” computer code. If I experience this feeling it must mean I am sad, and I automatically pout or cry. If I feel fear I must be in danger therefore I must become defensive. Same with anger, guilt, etc. Emotions are always associated with thoughts, values, and/or judgements. Without these thoughts, values, and/or judgements, they would just be feelings. How about periodic updates, like your computer, where you update these thoughts every time they show up. I don’t mean to change them from negative to positive. Update them to a point of feeling satisfied. Each new update gets it closer to satisfaction. Once satisfied, it is no longer needed. It has satisfied it’s requirements and can be retired. Try it. Update an old belief. “I’m not good enough” to “I am better than yesterday”. Keep going until you are at a place of “I’m good”. #tryiton

There are many ways to rewire our systems. I’m here to help.

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