A long time ago I came across Ho’oponopono, the ancient Hawaiian / Polynesian process of forgiveness. I used this and had amazing results. I still use this process today, not in the exact method, but in the spirit of it.

I also know that forgiveness is healing.  Did you get that?  Forgiveness is Healing.

The state of forgiveness is more important that the who, what, where, why, and when. However, once in the state of forgiveness, and you have forgiven someone for hurting you, and the reasons why you think they did, go ahead and forgive them for as many possible reasons why they may have hurt you. If you think you know, chances are you don’t. Now, it may not be necessary, but it may be more beneficial in the long term. It kinda cleans up any left over smudges of pain.

I found myself going over situations that pained me in the past, that still pain me in the present. So I started forgiving for multiple possibilities, and in multiple realities, in my multidimensional state, and I have found this to be much more comprehensive. It covered so much more. I felt a deep clean sensation. A complete state. A done-ness that was refreshing.

Go ahead…try it on. Forgive for all possible reasons you can think. Open up and see.