State of mind

I’ve been hearing this phrase for a few years now; mindset, state of mind, money mind, etc… I often wondered what it meant to have a poverty mindset, or abundance mindset. Until recently there seemed to be cloudiness around what I was able to see within myself. For the last Read more…



How you do anything is how you do everything When you think about it, everything you experience is a relationship. Your relationship with your work, life, lover, friends, yourself, your pets, your finances, home, etc.  In fact, I can’t think of anything in life that is not in relationship with Read more…


Paw Prints

The other day I saw a neighborhood cat sitting on my wife’s car. My wife hates cats, I’m indifferent. Since I grew up with them and can’t have one due to the wife’s cat allergy, I’ve just follow along in the “ugh, cats” attitude. The next day I washed my Read more…


Fall In Love

Original Post: 2/13/2015 When was the last time you fell in love? You know, that feeling that flows through your entire being, the feeling that influences all your experiences? Try This On: Stand in front of the mirror, just like you do every morning, look yourself in the eyes, and Read more…


Q & A

Questions and answers exist simulateously. Solutions and problems exist simultaneously. Most often the solution is in the problem itself. Don’t search for answers… prepare for them. Answers are not “found”, they will show up when you are prepared for them. #tryiton #gottaloveit #bethechange #makeyourmove #makeyourday


You Are Beautiful

Original Post: 2015-02-23 How do you address your significant other (or anyone that you love, admire, or appreciate. It could even be a pet)? Do you call them by name, or do you use words like “Love’ and “Honey”, or “Baby”, or “Beautiful”?  Are you addressing what you LOVE about Read more…