How you do anything is how you do everything

When you think about it, everything you experience is a relationship. Your relationship with your work, life, lover, friends, yourself, your pets, your finances, home, etc.  In fact, I can’t think of anything in life that is not in relationship with ourselves. Go ahead and try for yourself.

The degree to which you relate to yourself, or aspects of yourself, is the degree to which you relate to everything, or aspects of everything. You can be attentive to some parts of your life and not others. Love some parts and not others, are interested in some aspects but not others, or simply be indifferent. The “way” you relate is what is important. “How” you think and not “what” you think. “What” you think is a product of the “how” and the same goes for “how” you relate to your world, your life, or your experience with your existence. The relationship itself is the “what”.

How do you relate to “you”?  How does your relationship with others reflect your relationship with yourself? How is the world a mirror of yourself?

Try It On!