I’ve been hearing this phrase for a few years now; mindset, state of mind, money mind, etc… I often wondered what it meant to have a poverty mindset, or abundance mindset. Until recently there seemed to be cloudiness around what I was able to see within myself.

For the last 30 years I have been a student of the self; my being, my mind, my programs, my history, my belief systems, constantly on a path of self mastery. I have read more than I ever thought I could, took more classes, workshops, weekend events, healing modalities, did hypnosis work, the list goes on.

Then it hit me. I have been looking to “fix” something that I believed was broken within myself. The mere fact that I was looking for something pointed to what I felt I was lacking.

As long as I am looking for cures, help, fixes, changes, improvements, I am in a “broken” or incomplete mindset. The trick for me is to recognize that the habit of self improvement needs to be for a different reason than why it started.

I believe in a growth mindset from a position of power and not weakness or pain/fear. Learn, evolve, challenge current systems, and keep moving forward. Even rest needs to be part of this. Knowing when to simply play is important as well. Always give yourself time to enjoy the ride.

And STOP trying to fix yourself! You are perfect and you are on the right track.