I had a dream while on vacation a week or so ago. It wasn’t actually a dream in as much as it was a training program. I was able to interact with the subjects in the
“dream”. ( I have developed the ability to lucid dream once I realize I am dreaming. I usually go back and change the dream to my liking, especially fighting dreams.) I was taught how to teleport/bi-locate in an entirely new way. I have been practicing this process since the training. What it has offered me is such a profound sense of clarity that I cannot describe it. There is nothing in my experience that I can relate it to. Just clarity; unattached, non-positional, ego-less clarity.

So no story here, no metaphor, nothing to try on, no tips for changing your life, no guidance or help. Just my experience. Just know that your path is your path. Only you get to decide if it’s right for you or not.