Much of our personal history can be considered inaccurate. How many times have you told a story to someone only to hear that you previously told them a different version of it? The details of our history changes as we do. Events in out past served us on some level, then as we grow and change, so does our experience with the details. When our history no longer serves us, we change it so that it continues to serve us on a different level. What served us at 7 years old will most likely no longer serves us as adults. I don’t mean to suggest that the past did not happen the way we remember it. What we remember is what we focus on. As we heal, details that were in the forefront of our minds may move to the back, to the side, er even exit completely. We change our relationship with them as we go depending on what is in alignment with what we identify with in the present.

We are not our experiences, we are the experiencers and experiences. We are not the thoughts, we are the thinkers and the thoughts, for what we think affects who we are and what we are affects what we think.

When old beliefs (thoughts we’ve practiced) no longer serve us, we might want to retire them. They may have served us well. But they are done. It’s time for them to go. Spend some time with them, thank them, and let them down easy. Be firm. When they decide to rear their heads, or when they jump up and try to help, simply remind them that they are retired and to go back to what they were doing and thank them.